Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its Official, I'm Clairvoyant

me: what was the ultimate blasphemy?

Garit: im posting the rest of it right now
you will freak out

me: did you accept the nuclear model of the sun?
did you accept the existence of trumpet thunder?
did you drink a cup of mustard?
did you listen to a mash-up of Norah Jones and One Headlight?

Garit: haha! might as well have
its pretty bad dude

me: Did you swear off speedos forever?

Garit: worse than that

me: Did you decide you like wearing clothes?

Garit: not that bad

me: Did you shrug your indifference at a pile of meteorite stones?

Garit: oh heavens no

me: After all of these questions and your answers, I know what it is that you have done.
You have embraced the world of Steve Jobs

Garit: im so ashamed