Thursday, November 02, 2006


So I was walking through the UVSC parking lot after class this morning and I heard a familiar rolling sound. As this sound got closer, I looked up to see a sad looking middle aged woman dragging a backpack on wheels. Backpacks-on-wheels are the greatest inventions ever. I mean while growing up didn't we all think to ourselves, "This backpack is so heavy, I wish I could drag it behind me on two noisy wheels like a moron." I know I did. I mean years of lifting a bag filled with a couple pounds of paper have really done a number on my back. If only these roller-packs were invented a decade sooner, I might have had a normal existance free from this intense pain. The fact that these backpack-godsends have made it into the hands of socially awkward college students makes them all the more attractive. Shall we weigh the pros and cons of the backpack-on-wheels? Lets!

Pros: No more hoisting books on to one's back, less agony.
Cons: Looking like an ass.

Moral: I need a backpack-on-wheels.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, I have nothing to say. I just thought of something.
Yesterday was the day that we all know and love as the day that all the freaks come out of their bedrooms and try to pretend they're something they're not. Crawl back into your holes you dead-beats, its November 1st. Put away your Nightmare Before Christmas DVDs and your face paints, its time to get on with your pathetic lives. I hate people who claim Halloween as their favorite holiday. ALL PEOPLE WITHIN SIGHT OF MY BLOG, HEAR/READ ME! HALLOWEEN IS NOT BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS OR THANKSGIVING! IN FACT, IT IS A CLOSE SECOND TO ST PATRICKS DAY ON THE LIST OF WORST HOLIDAYS EVER! I feel alot better now. Maybe I'm just bitter because I spent a total of ten hours doing math homework yesterday. I finished it all, only to bomb today's math test.


Math blows and I'll tell you why. You can learn to do a math problem, and then they change one number or letter in a formula and it screws up your entire reality. Also, it is useless. I know this is an argument as old as the 7th grade but I'll be damned if it's not true. I hate math. I need to know how to press the add, subtract, multiply, and divide buttons on a calculator. Beyond that, mathematics is worthless to me and 99.9% of people in the world (Percentage is made up.) Math is so time consuming, and I hate that! In subjects like history, you either know something or you don't. In math you can spend ten minutes writing chicken scratches on a paper, and come out with the wrong answer. Who decides what is right and what is wrong mathematically anyway? I'm going to invent my own math theorem, and its entitled "Math should be used to torture criminals theorem" It goes something like this.

"Math < Physical Pain"