Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You May Want To Sit Down For This! I Went On A Date!......And my car got towed.

For the past week or so I have had a barrage of moderately aggravating bad luck. I won't go into all of it. Some of it has something to do with church, some with car trouble, some with a combination of a lot of different things. The bad luck trip reached a climax this weekend when I went on a date and came back to find that my car had been towed. I had to fork over 121.00 to get it back. Why 121? Why not an even 120? My date mused that it might be an extra one dollar fee so that the towing dude can buy soda. I believe they do it because they can. They add an extra dollar to break your will to live. That being said, the date was fun and she was really cool, so it wasn't a bad situation. It was kind of an adventure. All things considered however, this was probably the most expensive date I've ever been on.
On Sunday I realized that my list of blood donors from the ward disappeared from off of my apartment counter. So I spent the better part of the day stewing and stressing about where it might be. I went to my family's: no luck. I searched my car: not there either. As the day wound to a close, I made one final effort to find the list so I could remind everyone of the blood drive that happened today. I drove to work in Pleasant Grove and searched all over my desk: Nothing. Then my car died. Garit and Branden came to my rescue in front of UVSC and helped jumpstart my car four different times as I slowly made my way accross Orem to the mechanic. At about midnight I rolled in and parked my car. Today at about noon I got a call from the mechanic. As we expected, I had a broken alternator. 300 bones later my car is in working condition. So much for saving money over the summer. But as I told my horrified mother, "that's what credit cards are for."

PS: I donated blood for the first time today and it wasn't bad at all. In fact, I liked it.... Maybe too much.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Am Never Satisfied With Where I Live: An Intraspective Whine Session By: Dan

So I have fallen into an awful pattern since I started college a few years ago. I will call it "The grass is always greener" syndrome. I believe I am officially the king of being dissatisfied with my life situation, and then moving to a different place only to find that it's the same situation I left but with a different setting. Fully acknowledging this, I am seriously considering a move back to Cedar City. Although I hope this time it's less motivated by "the grass is always greener" syndrome than times past. Truth be told, I miss it down there. I would love to get out of this traffic. I really want to take my bike down there. But the main reason I am seriously considering the move is because UVSC doesn't have my major. I want to take a page out of Natalie's book and graduate in the social sciences, but for secondary ed, because little kids are freaky. *SIDE NOTE* Little children are sort of like animals, because you never know what they are thinking. That is why they are freaky. *END SIDE NOTE* UVSC doesn't have a social sciences composite degree. So, I'm left with only a couple options.
#1 Graduate in secondary ed history. My uncle who is a superintendent down in southern Utah warned me that history teachers aren't in high demand. Also, History teachers are kind of a one trick pony, and I want to be marketable, so this option pretty much sucks.
#2 Transfer to another school up north. This is where my perpetual dissatisfaction with my living arrangements kind of takes over. I don't like living up here. I would prefer at this point to live in Cedar again.
#3 Transfer to SUU. Sounds good to me for now, but knowing myself all too well, I am confident that within months I will be longing to be back in lame-ass Utah Valley. Still I cling to the hope that I might break the cycle and finally find the satisfaction that I have been searching for.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Free Paris!

Paris is back in jail.... There is a god.
I don't know why I'm so ecstatic that an irrelevant morally bankrupt heiress is being tormented, but this is the most giddy I've felt in months. The pictures of her weeping like a child start me laughing and I just can't stop smiling. Like I said, I don't quite understand it. But it might have something to do with the fact that this woman has every tool to succeed in life: Money, fame, good looks, she could do something great for humanity. Instead she has become possibly the most aggravating and annoying celebrity in the country. Maybe I'm so glad because I like seeing a tabloid-fodder starlet actually suffer the consequences for her self-destructive behavior for once. When she got released I felt a small part of me die. Now that she was taken kicking and screaming back into her glamor slammer I feel alive. That's hot.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back with a vengeance

Really there isn't much to write about. I got a new mountain bike which rules. I anxiously await the day that Davy gets a metal Detector and we go gravedigging. I live in student housing and I am trying in vain to stay positive. Garit is a ball face.