Monday, February 16, 2009

exit hibernation

This winter blog-sleep is slowly falling from my eyes.

I am coming out of blog-tirement.

After October's epic showdown I lost a whole lot of steam and I had take a hiatus to renew the joy of blogging in my soul.

Now I am back in full force.

Last week Branden, Kevin, Tom, David Jay and I were all congregated in the hall of flags. Yes, I have a hang-out group in the infamous hall of flags. We watched as several communications students attempted to conduct an experiment using chairs as barriers. As people approached the roadblock, if you will, the students would document their various reactions. Every several minutes some tool would walk by and make a scene by going against the grain and pushing through the chairs. Could we sit by and let the test be conducted, unmolested? I say, we could not. First David Jay stormed through the chair barrier, crashing through rows and rows of chairs. upon reaching the final row, he grabbed a chair and spun it around so it faced the opposite direction. He continued straight to class. Then five minutes later Kevin walked through, picked up a chair, carried it to the end of the hall and slammed it down loudly. By then Branden and I were laughing so hard we couldn't participate, we had totally blown our cover. I hope our efforts are included in the experimental results.


Mark Nott said...

I'm sold! I need to move back to Utah county. I'm so lonely up here.

Tiffani said...

*sigh* sounds like a typical day in the life. HA!

-- Garit D said...

if i wasnt so busy lately i would join the flag hour..