Monday, January 11, 2010

It's My Bloggy and I'll Post If I Want To

Dearest blogging friends and comrades, I have a band. I've made this claim before, but never with concrete video evidence to back it up. So here it is.

...And here are the lyrics for anyone who is remotely curious.

Please tell my love I lie beneath the algae blooms
A hapless sailor lying in a watery tomb
And I will ride to port to make my great escape
For I tire of all the hurting and there's no use in her searching anyway

For I have run away
With all that I could take
Yes, I'm a runaway

Please tell my son I died before he took first breath
His name the last word uttered just before my death
In truth I seek my fortune without bride or babe
Though it pains me all this lying, I am going into hiding anyway

For I have sailed away
With all that I could take
Yes I'm a runaway

Please tell the captain I've a fear we've run aground
The hull against the reef it makes a scraping sound
And all about I hear my crewmates cry in vain
Though its not for lack of trying, the truth has a way of rising anyway

As I am washed away
With all that I could take
Yes I'm a runaway


-- Garit D said...

what a cool song man!

adam said...

love it. Long live The Indecision!

Tiffani said...

Rockin' awesome!

LorraineinSpain said...

I'm rather confident that I cried in my soul the first time you played this song for me. And will continue to in subsequent plays.

oh, and no boats for you.

Debbie said...

Dan, you are so very talented. Thanks for sharing your music!

Alexxander said...

nice blog.