Monday, December 13, 2010

You bet against me bringing Pan back here, didn't ya?

I would like to address your lack of faith in the staying power of Holiday Torture '10. I am a busy man. (I accidentally typed "I am a busty man" HA!) I can't keep track of every song on my notable list in real time. If you can't accept that then I will throw you in the boo box.

Do not for a second, think that I have given up on my quest. I present to you the newly updated holiday torture list.

I have a short story to share with you in addition to my update, just so the readers don't think I've forgotten about the blog.

A couple weeks back I was in the self check-out at the grocery store buying eggs. After I tried unsuccessfully to get the scanner to read the bar code on the packaging, the cashier who oversees the self-checkout came over to assist me. The following is the reenacted conversation for your reading pleasure.

Cashier lady: Can I help you with something?

Dan: I'm having a rough time getting the bar code to read.

Cashier lady: Sometimes these cartons don't read very well.

Dan: Well I guess I just picked a bad egg. (<--PUN)

Cashier lady: (Stoically) Let me type in the code.

Dan: Egg-cellent (<-- PUN!)

Cashier lady: (Morosely) There you go, have a nice evening.

Really?! Not even an acknowledgement? Come on.

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Lorraine_in_Spain said...

Don't let those freshmarket yokels get you down.