Friday, March 04, 2011

Confessions of a Busy Blogger

It's late Friday afternoon and I'm alone at work. Here's my confession: I never get on computers unless I'm at work. Therefore if I am blogging regularly, it can be assumed that I have a lot of down time at my job. What then, is inferred by my lack of posts over the past couple of months? You guessed it, I have been busy at work. I got a promotion, and I guess that means I got busier. Enter a new phase of boring blogging.

I am glad to be more productive, and to be compensated accordingly, don't get me wrong. But within the deep recesses of its soul, (they have those you know,) my blog longs for a simpler day. I'm not talking about last year. The blog was pretty sparse then too. I'm talking back when I was unemployed. My life is so much happier now than it was then; before I moved back to Utah Valley, before I reentered the world of employment, and most importantly, before I met, fell in love with, and married Lorraine. It was a time when I literally had two daily focuses: School, and blogging. It made for a fantastic blog, (if I do say so myself,) but not a very well rounded or fulfilled person. Currently I am feeling much more fulfilled, and endlessly happier, but this blog feels like a ghost town, which is weird, because I usually love ghost towns. I guess not in this case.

Will I ever find a happy medium between the bygone days of multiple blog posts daily, and the wonderful, but blog-deficient life that I now lead? I hope so.

What is the first step? After such a lull in blog activity, what topic could possibly meet the built-up expectations of my approximately 3.5 regular readers? Democracy in the Middle East? Earth-shaking personnel changes on my Utah Jazz? My experience of trying and failing to get used to contact lenses? My epic haircut? My opinions and predictions for the season finale of The Bachelor?!

Oops. Out of time. Be back soon?


Ball Lightning said...

Perhaps you and davy need to have another epic blog duel. Nothing like a blog duel to spice things up again.

PS I am happy about your new life. Even if it means a derelict blog.

Lacey J. said...

I don't care what form your blog takes, just don't leave us like that again! A picture, a paragraph, a single word would do (as long as it's a funny word). But your complete absence from the blogging landscape is more than I can take! I have to have something to read at work you know.

Lorraine said...

I've decided that every day you don't blog, I am going to come and leave a comment on this blog that apologizes to your blog community for whatever it was you were doing besides blogging.

So, to everyone, sorry, last night Dan couldn't blog because Dan was rearranging the furniture in our bedroom to make room for the rocking chair love sac thing from Ball that I sat on wrong and pinned myself to the wall and dan had to free me and then we had to vacuum all of the dust bunnies that were where the bed was and then I got a headache and dan got me a wet rag to cool mine fiery brains, and that was why he couldn't blog.

day 1.

Ball Lightning said...

sorry about the headache.. otherwise this is a fantastic and flawless story! I love this idea!

V. Kenneth Jackson said...

I was listening to fictionist and thought, hey I wonder if Dan knows those guys. Then I was wondering if you were still making music (as it seems Utah County is becoming a music hot bed) Then I thought I want to hike the K-Hill and then I thought A Bahama Mama from Maverik sounds good. So I decided to check your blog, which I haven't for a while and low and behold you had a blog post just for me.