Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday Weekly Review

8/14- I can't remember
8/15- I can't remember
8/16- I can't remember

8/17- I went to institute and talked to people I don't know. I ate some burgers.

8/18- I went camping at Long Lake in the Uintahs with G and Branden. I ate spaghetti-ohs. I drank from a boda bag that tasted strongly of suede. I tried to sleep in a slumber party-style bag. I failed miserably.

8/19- Garit and I took a dip in a glacial lake, and resisted a picture of a "size check" by drawing on my accountability to my future children. Although I must admit there were undocumented size checks aplenty. I hiked two miles back to the car carrying a ridiculously large axe. I learned some dance moves from the popular Disney movie "High School Musical" courtesy of the Wayt family. I learned some songs from the aforementioned musical. I sang said songs in Mercur Cemetary accompanied by my sister Lacey, and my good friends David and Cassie. We had perfect harmony, and appeased the spirit of Jadon Morris, the best miner. We put on a Sing/Dance variety show for the security cameras at the Mercur mine. I observed cool bats doing their thang.

8/20- I went to church and taught a Sunday school lesson. I ate potatoes. I went to Jen Dandy's birthday extraveganza. I soiled the good name of catch phrase. I convulsed in pain on the Van Bloem's floor whilst Tamara applied a witch doctor's remedy for eye infections to my 100% infection-free eyes. I marveled at the sensitivity of the human eye, while forcing my lids open as the searing solution was administered unto me.

8/21- I went freestyle walking at a park with Branden and Al. I craved high speed internet.

This has been Tuesday Weekly Review


Davy J said...

i crave internet too. i can't take it any longer.

- G - said...

We can't all be as blessed as me..

losiento compadres..

oh hey.. did you read my last post.. it has a nice shout out to you..

Mark N. said...

Sometimes I accidently find myself listening to high school musical. "Together, together, together everyone!"