Friday, December 07, 2007

I should be writing a paper...

So... It is December. A couple more weeks and I'm moving down to Cedar City where within six months I will become disenchanted and long for the good old days when I slept on the floor in my parents' basement and spent my days printing out magic cards.

Magic: The Gathering is not similar to tarot cards, despite what I told my mom. It's actually a strangely entertaining nerdy card game. I recently wrote a new song and am going to name it "Let The Dead Bury Their Dead". Because it's the best rock n' roll bible quote ever.

Finals will be easy for me this semester. All my classes are fairly simple. I just hope I don't botch my math final, but there's never a guarantee.

Let's see... What else? I enjoyed Mitt Romney's religion speech yesterday. I don't think it will do any good though, because conservative evangelical Christians are bigots.


Natalie Kay said...

I'm excited for you to move down to Cedar City. I think it will be good for you, plus get you closer to graduation.

You boys and those nerdy card games! All davy has been doing for the past 3 days is printing cards. I guess I just don't get it.

--> Garit said...

Ha ha! Did you really tell your mom they were like tarot cards? thats funny. Yeah I hope you miss the good ole days. And I hope you get down there and have nothing to do but write more music. Your new song rocks my face off.