Tuesday, March 04, 2008

X Files is my only reason to get out of bed.

X Files is a cool show. Half the time I am held transfixed by a cool story. The other half of the time I'm making fun of it for crappy special effects or ridiculous plots. It is all I ever wanted. Watch the show opening with the music... My favorite thing ever. Has anyone ever dreamed of a stranger montage? My favorite parts are the ball with rays of light coming out of it like a cheap party decoration, the elongated face, the mirror image of a seed germinating with the frames sped up, and the image of the white silhouette falling into the blue hand with the red spot. WTF?! I could be having the worst day of my life, and if you played that opening montage I would be compelled to laugh. I like Mulder and Scully's high up secret government contact, "X". He is this badass black dude. I want to be him when I grow up. Every time he makes an appearance somebody dies. He solves problems the way they should be solved. I don't like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The End.


Mark N. said...

are you sill alive?

--> Garit said...

Dude awesome! I remember watching that every sunday!

I agree totally with everything you said..

especially chili peppers.. vomit...