Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wireless-less in Kanab

So for a couple weeks I was offline in Kanab because I found out that the ISP's here are carpetbaggers. Anyway, unwilling and unable to pay the lucrative price for internet, I resorted to some experimentation. With several businesses with wireless in the area, I went to great lengths to pick up their signals. The whole experiment was a failure, but nobody can tell me that I didn't try. I have documentation.

Shortly after this pathetic last gasp attempt to procure internet, I put my computer in my office, so I at least have some access.


Mark N. said...

that's what you get for moving away from civilization.
Enjoy slowing for sheep and cattle.

--> Garit said...

this is without a doubt the funniest thing ive ever seen happen in the computer world.