Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Best picture ever... Hands down. This, ladies and gentlemen was a band picture from about seven years ago. It is the coolest picture ever. I'm surprised we didn't get famous from the picture itself. At the time we were Spintrivia. Members at one time or another included myself, Branden, Mark, Danny Kimball, and Ian. Ian was playing with us at this point, but we needed him to take the picture. Those unfamiliar with this groundbreaking musical force may be asking themselves, "Why did you name your band Spintrivia?" Well the answer is quite simple. We were playing Trivial Pursuit over at Mark's while we should have been practicing.... And Spin Hansen was killing us. Thus Spintrivia was born. Little remains to document this important chapter in musical history, but this picture stands as a testament and captures the essence of the coolest band in history.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Warrior's Walk

I went on a 50 mile ATV ride a couple of days ago. We made several stops at locations overlooking Zion's and a few other awesome views. Our main purpose however was to find the fabled "Warrior's Walk". My boss and guide, Tony has been riding in the area his whole life but had never been able to find it. After a few wrong turns and a bit of hiking, we found it.

Nobody knows who built a 100+ yard path of stones in the middle of freaking nowhere, or why, but it's a pretty safe bet it was Anasazi. In the background you can see Zion's. Maybe they were as impressed with the view as I was. The trail is on slick rock and is built of sandstone boulders with high iron content. these boulders resist erosion more than the weaker sandstone around them, and so they're left behind after everything else has eroded. Living down here has gotten me really excited about the history of the area, so this was by far the highlight of the ride.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Parowan Gap

I'm going to do some catching up here. During Spring semester, I went on an adventure up to Parowan to see my 3rd Great Grandfather, Priddy Meeks' cabin. I believe it's the oldest standing home in Parowan, as it was the first home built outside of the fort. Parowan was the first community settled in southern Utah. The church sent people down to establish an Iron industry. This community basically served as a springboard for the settlement of the rest of southern Utah. Here are some pictures of the cabin. From here Priddy and his family moved to Harrisburg near present-day Hurricane, and then on to Orderville.

After the cabin, I went west to the Parowan Gap, which was an important route for early explorers and settlers, and also the Paiute, Ute, and Fremont cultures for over a thousand years. It was held sacred by the Indians of the area. The Ute Chief Walker said that the gap was "God's own house". Anyway, for centuries, cultures traveled through the gap, and wrote on the walls. Some of the petroglyphs date back over a thousand years.

The petroglyph that looks like a V-shaped zipper below, is actually a solar calendar. The Fremont culture that lived in this area was very advanced.

Wireless-less in Kanab

So for a couple weeks I was offline in Kanab because I found out that the ISP's here are carpetbaggers. Anyway, unwilling and unable to pay the lucrative price for internet, I resorted to some experimentation. With several businesses with wireless in the area, I went to great lengths to pick up their signals. The whole experiment was a failure, but nobody can tell me that I didn't try. I have documentation.

Shortly after this pathetic last gasp attempt to procure internet, I put my computer in my office, so I at least have some access.