Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Great Salt.... Wait

It's hard to skip rocks when the actual lake is miles from the high water mark. Even so, our Great Salt Lake adventure was a success. First, we took pictures of the sunset as seen from an abandoned building.

Afterwords we started trekking towards an optical illusion which we believed to be the shoreline. After a fifteen minute hike we realized how far away we really were. We decided we were close enough.

After we hiked back to the car we tried to drive towards Magna, but instead ended up at a landfill. During adventures more often than not, the destination is the least important part of the night. The most important part: being stranded at a landfill with a killer on our tails. Either that or the massive banana split I ate once we got back to Sugarhouse.

All in all, as I've made abundantly clear, today's adventure was more fun than anything you people did. So there.


Ball Lightning said...

Nice banana split face! haha. also cool pictures.. sorry i stole your camera just before you went on an adventure..

Natalie Kay said...

Can we adventure with you guys sometime?