Monday, November 11, 2013

Escape from the Boneyard

Lately I've been having thoughts... Thoughts that I've been reluctant to share on other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) because of their increased visibility and/or character limitations. Lets face it: Facebook is fast becoming the elephant graveyard of honest intellectual expression. Rather than a select pride of regal lions or a noble troop of elephants discussing how best to perpetuate the circle of life on the golden savannah, over modest helpings of gazelle or grass or whatever, Facebook is now a craggy, bone-filled scar, dominated by shadows of over-sharing and elementary ideological sparring. Hyenas run rampant picking at bones and cackling one-sided platitudes at one another, while vultures are finally arriving with the realization that Facebook is the new forwarded email. (Did you hear that Obama just cancelled Christmas and re-named it Secular Holiday Day?)

I may come crawling back to you yet, Wastard, old friend. The grass was not greener.


Lorraine said...

TL:DR Can you keep your blog posts to less than 142 characters, please? Then I can retweet it. #youusebigwords #justlikeOBAMA #JKLOL #YOLO #theresnopictures #rumarried #JKLOLx2

Lacey J. said...

Yay! Write more words, please.