Sunday, August 03, 2008

busy busy busy busy busy etc.

Some people get to do ATV tours for a job... Some people get family and friends... We all get something right?

I am ready for school to begin again and be close to my friends Kid AJ and Jebediah and also I am excited to share an apartment with my brother Thom. Yes that is with an "H". It was my only stipulation when I agreed to call him by his middle name. So Thom and Dhan will be living the college life down in Cedar for a semester. I'm not sure what I'm going to do after that. He's moving back up for a mission. I might move back up too. But I have plenty of time to decide that this semester.

Goal for upcoming semester: Visit abandoned polygamist compound in remote area north west of Cedar City.
Related Goal: Don't get murdered.


V. Kenneth Jackson said...

Hi Dhan this is Khen. I got laid off, the economy sucks. Well hope I can find something soon.

ajd and jebd said...

POLYGAMIST COMPOUND!!!!! I have been waiting a long time for this!