Friday, August 15, 2008

Threadless Designs

So my cousin Ken and I are collaborating on a little project... He is a great artist. Graduated from VanArts art school in Vancouver Canada. Anyway. I have the type of clever, witty, pop culture/word play imagination to come up with killer Threadless T-shirt designs. So here's the deal. I come up with an idea or a concept and Ken executes it with his mad art skillz. He gets paid, I get free T-shirts. I am like the weird little African bug eating bird that chills out on the back of the artsy wildebeest.

We haven't made any submissions as a team yet, but he's working on some of my ideas. I will keep you all posted.


ajd and jebd said...

If you are planning on watching X-Files and drinking my water, you get to change poopy diapers too. It is a privilege.

Mark Nott said...

I just posted a bunch of photos. several include you.