Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Think I Am a Stalker... Or a Twelve-Year-Old Girl... Oh, Also a Brilliant Political Strategist

So I have a crush on a girl down here in Cedar but I've never talked to her before. So I found her blog through some mutual friend of a friend of a friend networking, and I read it. Am I a stalker? Am I a weird teenage girl? Please tell me I didn't just turn 26 today and I'm sneaking around blogs trying to find out about some girl I've never talked to. Man I am creepy.

By the way, no matter what Caleb tells you, I called McCain being the republican nomination after the Iowa caucuses, and I called the Sarah Palin VP pick a couple of days ago. So on top of being a creepy teenage girl trapped in a man's body, I am also a brilliant political analyst. I think Palin was a good pick btw. I don't know if McCain will win, but it sure made the race interesting. Oh and please be honest with me. If you thought Sarah Palin looked like a hot secretary during the VP announcement, then please admit it in the comments here. I am in no way trying to devalue her as a person or as a political candidate, I just think she looked like a hot secretary and I liked it. This blog is about honesty.


Mark Nott said...

Merry Christmas you pathetic retard!

i swear I meant to say happy birthday, it just came out wrong you puke faced crack addict.

Daniel T said...

It's good to know I'm loved.

--> Garit said...

awesome about the crush and creepy blog stuff..

politics.. thats about as bad as sports..

dont mock me.. you said this blog is about honesty..

Natalie Kay said...

HAHA! All this about the pink blog, the stalking, and the hot secretary made me laugh so hard.

Did you try to get a job at Wingers? It's super hard to get in there, but Ina likes to hire guy servers.

My sister said she ran into you the other day. You opened the door for her or something and you both just looked at each other and walked away. Funny! :)

Ben Gibbard said...

Ben Gibbard says stalking is only cool if leaves are blowing or if no one can see you in the tree. No one, no. No one can see your heart sitting in the tree.

Also, check the hot secretary box for me, Mr. President. She has my vote!