Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This morning I am procrastinating a paper I have to write for my Advanced Spanish class. As I sit in the computer lab, trying to work myself up to putting satisfactory effort into the final class I will take as an undergraduate, I can't help but reflect on the several other times over the years when I sat in this same lab.

The last time I was in here it was December of 07 and I was supposed to be writing a paper on the Communist Manifesto. At the time I had decided to move back down to Cedar City. I had grown disenchanted with my circumstances up here, and in true Dan fashion, decided that the solution was to pull up stakes. As history has shown, I made the move, and lived in Southern Utah for the entire year of 2008. While there I learned a lot about myself through good experiences and bad. From the manic lows and highs of working in a residential treatment center, to an isolated summer as a tour guide in the ancestral home I had spent my whole life idealizing, to several months of unemployment, I experienced so much in that year, and emerged a better person. I have since returned home, all but completed my degree, and met Lorraine. Much has changed, with a lot more change on the horizon. Yet here I sit, procrastinating in the writing lab. I'm glad some things never change.

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LorraineinSpain said...

that's change I can get behind!

I just hope your paper on the Communist Manifesto was a show of great praise. In fact, I hope your spanish paper was also great praise for the Communist Manifesto, only in Spanish.

You think I'm kidding.