Friday, March 14, 2008

Blogging in class

Who's idea was it to have an econ 1010 class in a computer lab? I have 5 tabs open in firefox and not one is class-related. Economics is interesting... But not as interesting as looking up mountain biking trails.

I just answered a question... anyway back to what's really important: Blogging.

A lady from work told me that my haircut makes me look like one of the guys on Nickelodeon's Drake and Josh... I don't remember which one. I didn't anticipate that cutting my hair would make me look like a sixteen-year-old preteen heart throb. I honestly just think she's crazy.

Maverick large hot dogs are .50 cents off right now so I'm 'frank'-ly living in hot dog heaven... smoked sausage loaded with sauerkraut, relish, mustard, ketchup, etc. All of you toddlers who are groaning, go open yourself a can of alphabet soup and slurp it down with a juice box. Keep buying your Wonder bread and your freaking lunchables. I am an adult... And I like rotten cabbage on my hot dogs.


--> Garit said...

Go watch your friends DVD's you rotten cabbage eater!

Barb said...

How short is your hair? and I'm sorry but I gag when i smell sauerkraut..."slurps her gogurt"

Caleb said...

In spite of myself I like gas station hot dogs. And sauerkraut is good. Oh and Barb if you are a fan of gogurts try the Fizzix kind --- very interesting. I liked.

ajd said...