Saturday, March 22, 2008

My worst nightmare.,21985,23361900-661,00.html

"What's that noise in the bushes?"
"Oh it's probably just a stray dog.... or a creepy gnome."

Why don't things like this happen to me? I'm careless. I stay out late. I spend an abnormal amount of time with lawn gnomes and pigeon scaring owls. Is it too much to ask to be terrorized by a real live bow-legged Argentine gnome?


--> Garit said...

haha one of the kids were so scared they had to take him to el hospital!

Caleb said...

I think I'd want to catch the gnome and take it home with me. You would be hailed as the great gnome vanquisher and charge then you could charge people denero to see the creature.

Davy J said...

the gnome is real. I can't sleep at night.

JethRobyn said...

That actually didn't freak me out until the guy screamed at the end of that video. Maybe that was the guy they had to take to the hospital.