Friday, August 21, 2009

Iron and Wine Was Suck-tastic

I'm not in the business of complaining about free shows, but that was by far the worst show I've ever been to. I love Iron and Wine, so you know that the crowd had to be particularly awful to warrant that distinction. But the crowd exceeded the limits of my imagination in utter crappiness.

People were being loud and boisterous and everybody was boozing. It was so crowded that you had to get completely out of range of the sound to get any breathing room, and that far out it was just one giant mass of people drinking and talking. Was this an Iron and Wine concert, or a frat party? What did I miss here? How many people actually came to listen to music?

In short, it was a sad day for concerts.


Mark Nott said...

Kind of on topic but completely different:
I was second row at They Might Be Giants, the lady standing in front of me was reading a book. No joke, reading a book during the concert! In the front row! So I ask the same question, aren't you going to a concert to listen to the music??

ajd said...

When have you been to a frat party?

JethRobyn said...

That really makes me glad we didn't go, we were going to bring the baby, but that sounds like it would have been a bad idea. I hope Iron and Wine won't look down on Utah and never come back!