Thursday, August 06, 2009

Will this work?

For some reason Garits sprint email is somehow attached to my phone. Why is it that the more technologically advanced we get, the more complicated things get?
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Mark Nott said...

are you two secretly married? Do you share checking accounts too?

-- Garit D said...

whoa really? all i did was reply to your weird email you sent me.

Daniel T said...

Yeah... I don't get it, but when I MMS'd blogger for verification, it showed my email as garitdheaton@sprint... or something like that.

And Mark, if Garit and I were secretly married, you are the last person we'd reveal our secret to. Right honey?

Mark Nott said...

You know Garit and I had a conversation about Gay marriage the other day, no wonder he was so against it - one of those Republican Politician moves.
You know what I'm talking about.