Monday, August 10, 2009

The Jackson Family Pet Holocaust

Over the past year my family has been rocked by a massive pet scourge that has left our yard an eerie shell of its former lively self. Around a year ago our yard was home to two dogs and three cats. A fourth cat came later. Allow me to expound upon the demise of each pet.

Robin, the dog. He was an old mutt we adopted ten years ago and must have been a year or two old when he showed up at our door step... He went blind last year, got lost, and ended up getting creamed on the highway... poor Robin.

Shortly after Robin's demise a new cat entered our household. He was named Honky Cat.

Shortly after Honky Cat joined the family, our oldest pet, Meow, the senile cat, disappeared. Months later I found her staring at me, frozen in the bottom of our window well. Thus ended Meow the senile cat.

Months later Todd the cat took a journey from which he has yet to return.

Around the same time, my brother Thom began preparing for a mission. On the way to his farewell there was an unfortunate incident involving my mother's vehicle and Honky Cat. The vehicle won. I sprayed his blood off of the driveway and buried him after sacrament meeting.

Finally this evening Sam, our ten year old german shepherd died underneath a shade tree.

Only the elusive cat Pucky remains. Now my family enters into the twilight of pet ownership. Its been a long and fateful journey. While I don't really allow myself to get attached to animals, there have been some good memories. Maybe someday if I ever get a nice big yard I will get a dog and start the cycle anew.

Until then, goodbye to all of my dead animals.


Caleb said...

Wow...hopefully the specter of death has moved on...hopefully Pucky isn't marked as well.

Tiffani said...

awww sorry about your pet loss Dan!

Jeff said...

Dan.. This is Leah, I would like to hire you to come stay at my mom's house so that your presence will cause all of our animals to die... we have way to many.. and they stink... please come use your power to do away with our animals! ha ha ha!