Thursday, September 04, 2008


Roll call- All readers who had a crush on Lenni on Ghostwriter in the early 90's please make it known here. The other day I was fooling around on Youtube and I remembered a certain episode where Lenni writes a song entitled, "You Gotta Believe". Ghostwriter helps come up with the lyrics, and then it becomes a hit and she shoots a music video with the help of her friends.

Cool, huh? I remember I was a big-time Lenni fan. So after watching this video a few days ago I decided to do some searching and find out what Lenni is doing today. She was played by the actress Blaze Berdahl. Naturally I first checked imdb. Unfortunately it didn't show a lot of recent work. So was Blaze just a flash in the pan? Is she just another former child star that quickly faded into obscurity? I had to be sure. I googled her name, and made a spectacular discovery. For all of you who don't care, just know there is a special place in hell reserved for you. Anyway, I find a website and I click on it in eager anticipation. There I find out she does voice work: Commercials, advertisements, radio spots, audio books and such. Anything I'd know, you ask? BET YOUR LIFE! She is the voice of the Swiffer Duster commercial. HOW COOL IS THAT? I've heard Lenni a thousand times and I never knew. Oh yeah, she also does a bunch of stuff for HGTV, MTV, and FUSE.

Case closed. And I didn't even need a floating ghostly orb apparition with an affinity for words to help me along the way. Google is the new Ghostwriter.


Mark Nott said...

GAK! I remember that song. But I don't remember having a crush on her... just on that floating thing.... oh yeah

--> Garit said...

yeah a special place for people who don't think her voice is "like a kiss from mother natures breath"

im sure it wont be just me in that special place..


ajd and jebd said...

never gonna happen, dan.

give it up.

think: Lars.