Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I know I made fun of Gretchen for this...

...But I am prepared to eat my words.
I watched an episode of "Life" after "Heroes" last night, and I really liked it. I generally hate crime/police/forensic dramas because I prefer watching real life crime shows. I am much more interested in crimes that actually occured. Anyway, I liked Life because I am a fan of Damian Lewis, who was also in Band of Brothers. His character is engaging and interesting. So Gretchen, I am sorry for bagging on Life. Although I still hate House, Gilmore Girls, and Bewitched.


Ben Gibbard said...

Woooo! And another one bites the dust. I love that character!

Mark Nott said...

I'm happy Life came back. For a time there was rumors that it wouldn't. Glad you like it.

*secret* even though each episode of House is predictable, I still like it. I think I'm just a Hugh Laurie fan.