Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I broke a guitar string.

Jobs are so hard to find in Cedar City. I give up. I am currently a self-employed novelist. I like the sound of that, but there's not much money in writing a mediocre fantasy novel at a snail's pace. I was hoping to perform some of my songs soon at the local coffeehouse, but one of my guitar strings snapped. Now what? Where are my priorities? Food or strings? This is a tough one.

One of the best feelings in the world is sticking it to the bookstore, by the way. I walked into my american indian class today surrounded by people who paid like 50 bucks for a used book. I basked in my glory as I stared down at my slightly worn copy of the same book with a well-placed pink 1$ sticker on the cover. BOOM SHAKA LAKA!


--> Garit said...

nice. I need to get Melanie a book or two the cheap way. Where do you get yours from?

Daniel T said...

i just bounced between and amazon.