Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It has been a few days

My sister and some of her friends were down for the weekend. We had a good time and she brought us food, which was greatly appreciated.
On Saturday night/Sunday morning we went on a Frisco excursion. It was fun, but we didn't get back home til 6:00 am. It was killer. On the drive home I saw a super massive bull elk chilling on the side of the road. That was the highlight of the adventure for me.

R.I.P. Richard Wright, Pink Floyd keyboardist. I remember the first time I listened to Wish You Were Here, I was over at a friend's house and I was in early elementary school. I knew my friend's dad had served a mission to Japan, and my friend had tried to describe some trippy Japanese music to me. Anyway, the sound of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", (particularly the keyboards), was such that I got it all mixed up and was thoroughly convinced that I was jamming to Japanese music. So thanks Richard Wright, for confusing me as a child.

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