Friday, October 31, 2008

Fatal Frame

In honor of Halloween I would like to say a word about a game that made me squeal like a wounded rabbit. Fatal Frame now has something like four games now, but I have only watched the first one. Notice I didn't say play. I said watch. I couldn't actually play it. Once I sat in a room with over a dozen people, all of us screaming, as we watched the main character get pwned by spirits. My friend TJ was playing while we all sat transfixed for hours. I would like to see that game again. Notice again, I said see, not play. I would be terrible at that game.


-- Garit D said...

"squeal like a wounded rabbit"

holy crap that gave me such a good mental picture. funniest thing i ever imagined. lol

The Asian Sensation said...

Tj and Chris FORCED me to play. Hye soo was too chicken.. they FORCED ME.
I hate you.