Thursday, October 30, 2008

Porcupine Tree... A Conversation.

I was introducing Branden to the band Porcupine Tree, and we had the following conversation...

me: please tell me that they aren't similar to dreamtheater.
if so i will be forced to quit listening to the band.

Branden: I was going to say they sound like a toned down version of Dream Theater.. but I won't say it now.

me: they are like a carbon copy of blue man group.

Branden: Their vocalist probably trained with the guy from Coheed and Cambria..

me: i heard they co-wrote Youth of the Nation with P.O.D.

Branden: When they toured with Jars of Clay, they said that they have never felt more connected to a band, ever.
Sent at 11:48 AM on Tuesday

me: I heard that Josh Groban got in a fist fight with the lead singer, and lost.

Branden: Haha.. I love how we can jump into this, and both know exactly what we're talking about.. no explaination needed.

Many of you will be confused. Others will laugh heartily. Such is the life of a blogger.

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