Friday, October 31, 2008


Are we all in agreement that Leonardo is the lamest Ninja Turtle? He always came across as bossy, and a total kill joy. It is too bad that he also had the coolest weapons. Yet notice he never used them. What a total wuss

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Something Socially Sadistic said...

God Forbid I say this but... I totally agree!
Who the hud carries around 2 swords, katana's none the less, and doesn't use them!?
I'll tell you who, Leonardo does!
Has he ever spilt a drop of blood with those things? NO! Seriously, it would be hard not to accidentally 'nick a cordial artery' for how much his flails his swords about.
Let us not forget the awesome name that he bears, which he slanders just by having!
If Leonardo Da Vinci was in a fight he most defiantly would pull out a funky invention and own some face. Or at least finish some dudes off with a paint brush or a chisel!