Friday, October 31, 2008


Through out my youth I took a series of oaths. To this day I have kept them religiously. I still remember several of them.

#1- In junior high I was a big soda drinker. One day I was drinking Surge from a wide-mouth can. As a joke, I poked my tongue into the can and accidentally sliced it open. I threw the can to the ground angrily and in my wrath I swore I would never drink Surge from a can again.

#2- Also in junior high during the Titanic craze I swore I would never watch that movie all the way through. I left the possibility of watching the boat-sinking scenes open.

#3- In high school, after a coke machine repeatedly ate my money, I swore I would never buy coke from the Lehi High School vending machines again. I went to great lengths to keep this oath, by asking others to buy the soda for me, or driving to Chevron to get my fix.

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The Asian Sensation said...

This reminded me of certain oaths in my life.
1. In junior high I promised myself I would be an actress. Thats working out pretty well so far I think.
2. When I saw the trailer for josie and the pussycats, i promised myself I would like it. And I did.
3. I promised myself I would play with off the cuff after the first time I saw one of their shows.
4. I promised myself that there were certain friends in my childhood I would never forget.
Just felt like sharing...