Friday, October 31, 2008

Poo Patent

I want everyone that was involved in the Poo King, Poo Patent incident to own up to it. I won't force anyone out of hiding, but I would like everyone who had a hand in it to come forward. I was involved. In fact I believe I was the first person to put forward the idea of patenting the act of pooing. Thus rendering it impossible to levy a poo tax. Gross, yes. But don't deny that it is an awesome idea, because you all know you wish you'd thought of it. The man who patented poo would soon be able to rule over the world. Remember what his throne would be? DO YOU? Tell me what would serve as his scepter! Be a man and admit that you remember what his his escape hatch was and the mechanism that would open it. I am waiting.

I told you it would never die.

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