Thursday, October 30, 2008

Operation Snowcap

I have not forgotten. Eight years I have shirked my destiny, but the time soon cometh when I will fulfill the measure of my creation, namely: Building a raft and testing it on Utah Lake. Brad Henrie and I had a vision, all those years ago. A vision with a name. A vision we called Operation Snowcap. Years have passed, but my commitment remains firmly intact. I will build a watercraft, and I will captain it.

All those interested in helping me crew my craft, please let me know.

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JethRobyn said...

I really, really want to do that actually. Once my friend and I loaded his little sister in my dad's canoe, aimed at the west shore, and walked beside it as far as we could go (in the name of science). We made it about a half-mile, before my friend decided that he had to get back for a date (for which he did not shower). The point is, I also have a herculean desire to experience/understand Utah lake.
The other point is that I really like your blog, man.