Sunday, October 05, 2008

Am I a terrible person?

I just experienced a strong feeling that I am too self-absorbed. Yesterday I was looking through my family's closet full of books. and I looked on the ground to see a book that caught my eye. It was "The Writer's Handbook", nearly a thousand pages on how to write, get published etc. It interested me because I've been thinking so much about writing lately. I wondered who's book it was. I had looked through this closet hundreds of times and I had never seen it. I pulled it out and read a couple chapters at random. This morning I was walking around with the book in hand and my mom saw it and smiled. I asked her if she knew where this book came from. She then proceeded to explain to me that several years ago in the early nineties she had wanted to become a children's author. She had even started on a few books until she got too busy with her five little kids. This was news to me! I was surprised because it seemed so unlike her. Then I had a moment of realization. My mom had/has dreams and hopes and plans just like I do. I just never noticed or heard about them because she has focused her life on her kids. Wow. I feel selfish. How many dreams has my mom sacrificed for me without a word of complaint? I am completely oblivious. I hope someday she finishes her books. She smiled and said she probably won't.


Davy J said...

warning: Dan is becoming his mom.

-- Garit D said...


Natalie Kay said...

I hope you let your mom read what you wrote. That was sweet. :)

Good luck with your book!