Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dan and Mike, A Gtalk conversation

Gretchen wanted to go on a road trip down to southern Utah today, and she told me and I got excited, but then Mike vetoed it. Here was my response to Micheal:


Micheal: quit playing game with dan's heart.... it's dan's heart.... dan's heart.

a little more time passes in conversation...

me: to the tune of Bye Bye Bye: Mike, you can drive home tonight, or we can just sit and fight, on gmail til our hands get cramped, micheal come--ooon... I love you endlessly, so come and visit me, now its time to leave, get your coat and leave home... i know that you can't take much more of these endless drives, but I want to see you out that door, micheal bye bye bye

Micheal: BYE BYE ... should I really spend 60 bucks to go see you? Just another driver in this trip for two?

me: It might sound crazy, but it ain't no lie micheal drive drive drive DRIVE DRIVE.

Best Gtalk conversation ever.

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