Saturday, October 25, 2008

Garit's Hate List

I am enthralled with Garit's random hate list. There is no apparent rhyme or reason to said list. Some items just evoke Garit's full wrath.

#1- Anything Wallflowers.
#2- Mustard
#3- Norah Jones
#4- The word "Jonesing"
#5- Domesticated animals
#6- Most 70's music
#7- The Barry Gibb voice
#8- Aversion to using the word "gay" with a negative connotation in public
#9- AM Radio
#10- Sports or talk radio
#11- Salad
#12- Smelly lotions
#13- Bullet bikes
#14- Tech geeks
#15- Ipods


It is a major life goal of mine to find all of the random items on Garit's hate list, and to exploit them fully. Feel free to add to the list.


Micheal Monson said...

#1- Anything Wallflowers. (I am actually wallflower-tolerant, comparably)
#2- Mustard - WHAAT!?
#3- Norah Jones - Agreed.
#4- The word "Jonesing" - I could live without it.
#5- Domesticated animals - Agreed, if outside cats don't count.
#6- Most 70's music - agreed.
#7- The Barry Gibb voice - AHM BARRY F$(*#N GIBB!!!!
#8- Aversion to using the word "gay" with a negative connotation in public - gays gotta go. hrmmmm
#9- AM Radio - very agreed
#10- Sports or talk radio all sports most talk
#11- Salad - other than in the most rare of occasions, salad is offensive.
#12- Smelly lotions - with a few exceptions and as long as I dont have to touch greasiness.
#13- Bullet bikes - agreed
#14- Tech geeks - hypocrite
#15- Ipods - I don't like them either.

Davy J said...

Garit's hate list is a result of bad experiences with each item. I think it would be more entertaining to think of all those terrible situations. What really made him hate salad?

Daniel T said...

#16- The Office
#17- Television in general
#18- Low quality MP3s
#19- Soda

Natalie Kay said...

You forgot animals. One time I gave Davy a blanket with little dogs all over it and Garit panicked.

Good thing his wife wants to be a vet...

Natalie Kay said...

Oh never mind... was that number 5? Apparently I wasn't reading very carefully.

-- Garit D said...


ok great post.. however.

I LOVE AM RADIO... sorta. (when ever there is a thunder storm i turn on the am radio and turn up the static and use it as a lightning dectector) AM radio the technology is awesome. but i hate listening to it.

whats with #14? i dont get it.

and davy the salad thing is way more simple than that. salad and all salad dressing.. is completely nasty. the end.

this is a good start.. but you are probably barely making a dent in the things i hate and that you would love to exploit lol