Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Itunes Genius Playlist

Move along Garit. You want no part in this.

A while ago Adam introduced me to the Genius feature on the new Itunes and I really dig it. Your library gets synched up with some robot in some third world country somewhere, and it spews out playlists based on a song that you select. Example, I really like the song Soma by The Smashing Pumpkins, so I select it and click the genius button and instantly I have a playlist of 25 songs from my library that were selected by the genius robot. Usually it makes a cool playlist, although I've noticed that the robot has a thing for Blind Melon, and I don't want them on my playlist. Other than that, its a great feature.


-- Garit D said...


Mark Nott said...

I think it works too well.
I did it with the new Gavin Rossdale song and got an interesting list.
The genius feature looks at other's playlists around the globe and sees what songs they put with the song you selected.
Since Gavin was once grunge/alternative and is now all trendy and pop my list included Nirvana and Jesse McCartney. I'm not even sure how I have that on my computer.
Not flawless, but still really cool. It's a huge timesaver.

ajd and jebd said...

I agree. It makes pretty good assumptions. I will continue to use it.

Caleb said...