Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The world IS run by robots.

What is with modern society's aversion to using the word robot? Forty or fifty years ago if you had asked some sci-fi crazed kid what he expected in the year 2008 his description would be full of references to robots. Allow me to imagine it.

In the twenty-first century, robots will make our cars, process our food, vacuum our floors, select our music, manage our finances, etc. Our automobiles will in fact be robots that will tell us when there is technical difficulty. Robots will fly our planes. Impartial robots will determine the outcomes of our democratic elections. The greatest mathematicians will be robots. The best chess players will be robots. ROBOTS!

Fast forward to today, it's all true. Robots are real and they are all around us. But nobody wants to talk about it anymore. Look around you people! We are living in a bizarre futuristic robot world, but we're all numb to it! Please, I beg you, never forget that a world run by robots is creepy. From Teddy Ruxpin to your PC, they are everywhere.


Mark Nott said...

I have no Teddy Ruxpin! He was the first to go in my revolt against the robots.

-- Garit D said...

that is kinda creepy..

whats even more creepy is the people who are talking about what happens just around the corner when people start replacing people with robots.. as in. what happens when people start having relationships with robots? what happens when people want to marry robots? that brings a whole new level of weirdness.