Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Album Art

I have been noticing an encouraging trend in music. I love 90's alternative, but I think most of you will agree that it was kind of the dark ages for album art. Cassettes and CD's are just bad mediums for visual artistic expression. As the popularity of CD's has waned, and people are stealing MP3's and vinyl is making a comeback, I've noticed that more and more bands are revisiting the long lost art of the Album.


Mark Nott said...

I got the Jack's Mannequin album on iTunes and it came with pdfs of the album art. I thought it was so great that bands still care about that stuff. I remember spending hours looking at Pearl Jam album art. It made the CD more than just 12 songs.

-- Garit D said...

album art is not that important to me. id gladly sacrifice album art for better sound experience. i wish people were more into hi-def music. then people wouldn't be so attached to their ipods. then music wouldn't be recorded and designed to be listened to in a crappy car stereo or low quality mp3 player in the first place.

/end rant

Daniel T said...

that, garit, is why you will always be an eternal music noob.