Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Secret Computer Lab

Thanks to Adam and Jaynann for showing me the error of my ways and introducing me to the basement computer lab in the ELC. The library is always loud and full. This place is much more comfortable. There's a dude that camps out in the corner of the lab and plays WoW all day. I have been in here a few times now, and he's always there. I'm glad I broke that habit.

So I came in here to write some stuff for my novel, and yet I have somehow started blogging. Counterproductive.


Natalie Kay said...

I have many memories from the ELC. During finals it is open 24-7. I would meet my friends there around ten, we'd work for a couple hours, go to Wendy's, work for a couple hours, go to my place for hot chocolate, then go back and finish sometime before daylight. Good memories of procrastination at its finest!

Did you know there is a mac lab upstairs?

-- Garit D said...

dan.. i think you should befriend the WoW dude. i think you should be right there playing wow next to him. think about it. it would be awesome.