Friday, October 17, 2008

Longboarders *snicker*

So there are a lot of dudes that ride around SUU campus on longboards. It is getting ridiculous. Notice that you never see actual skateboarders riding on them. They're always the popped collar bros that try to lure girls with the prospect of teaching them to longboard. besides the occasional eye roll I have no real problem with them, except for two annoying situations.

#1 Trying to do tricks on the main thoroughfare through campus. Yesterday I had to slow my gait to avoid walking into some moron doing a handstand on a slow-moving longboard. If anyone is impressed, you deserve each other. May you have several dim-witted longboarding children.

#2 Trying to ride full speed through crowds of students in between classes. I have lost count of how many times I've seen a longboarder nearly clip an unsuspecting person. If I see it actually happen I hope they ban boards from campus, because it is dangerous and stupid.

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kevone said...

thank you for saying what i have always wanted to say. can i ride my bike in the school? no.. blessings.