Friday, October 17, 2008


Davy brings up a good point, and since he stole my McDonald's idea, I will expound my feelings on one of his blog topics. The election season is so long! I had become really disenchanted with politics over the last several years, sort of a love hate relationship, and I was sure that this election I wouldn't allow myself to get all caught up like I was in '04. During the primaries, however, I started to get that buzz again. It was interesting and fresh and I was learning about several different candidates. Months and months and months later.... I am tired of politics again. The debates are a joke. I haven't learned anything of substance about either candidate for months. Obama has some vague connection to an old domestic terrorist named Ayers. McCain has an affinity for a man named Joe the plumber. Riveting. You have to wonder about the people who are still undecided at this juncture. Where have you been? Do some homework, or don't vote, please. The whole process feels so drawn out and beaten to death right now. One way or the other, end it, please. Is this election season longer than past ones? Caleb, that question was for you.

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