Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Gretchen challenged me to blog about something normal.

Four years ago I hiked Timp with Garit, Davy, and Branden, and it was truly a humbling experience. By the time I reached the top I was shuffling like a holocaust survivor. (Not saying my suffering was comparable, just saying I'm a total wuss). Here is a picture. This was towards the beginning and I was already sitting on the ground to rest. Yes, I am aware that my haircut looks like the elf guy on Dark Crystal. (Thanks for that immortal comparison, Davy.)

I am accutely aware that I was wearing a bandana around my neck, and was toting a bag of Lemonhead candies. Thank you for not stating the obvious.

This is me looking like I'm at death's door on the saddle. There I am wearing that goofy girl's camp bandanna. So this is the point of the hike where I had driven myself to the brink of exhaustion, only to realize that I was looking down on the same scene I'd been looking at my whole life, only smaller. To make matters worse, while I was stumbling around like the living dead, just out of the picture two little girls were chilling out right next to us. They hadn't even broken a sweat.

This is why I don't blog about normal things. I manage to make everything weird.

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